The "Light-Material Interactions in Energy Conversion" Energy Frontier Research Center (LMI-EFRC) is a national resource for fundamental optical principles and phenomena relevant to solar energy conversion, and for design of the optical properties of materials and devices used for energy conversion. The LMI-EFRC features a team that spans the campuses of Caltech, Berkeley, Illinois, and Harvard, and creates a foundational partnership between scientific leaders in optical properties of matter with experts in solar photovoltaic and photochemical energy conversion and innovators in the design and fabrication of novel electronic and photonic materials.


microscale 3d printingRenewed Support for the LMI-EFRC: The US Department of Energy has just awarded $100 million of funding for innovative energy research, and we are excited to announce that the LMI-EFRC is one of 32 EFRCs funded for 2014-2018! Read more: [DOE] [Caltech] 06.18.14

microscale 3d printingCongratulations to LMI Graduates! Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Beardslee, Dr. Chris Corcoran, and Dr. Emily Kosten as they graduate with their PhDs, and best wishes to LMI postdocs Prof. Vivian Ferry, Prof. Bryce Sadtler, and Prof. Matt Sheldon as they begin faculty positions! 06.10.14

microscale 3d printingPrinting 4-Junction Solar Cells for High Efficiency Modules: John Rogers and Ralph Nuzzo's exciting result on printing-based assembly of quadruple junction, four-terminal solar cells with measured efficiencies of 43.9% at concentrations exceeding 1000 suns, and modules with efficiencies of 36.5% is published today in Nature Materials! [nanowerk] [phys.org] [reuters] 04.28.14