The "Light-Material Interactions in Energy Conversion" Energy Frontier Research Center (LMI-EFRC) is a national resource for fundamental optical principles and phenomena relevant to solar energy conversion, and for design of the optical properties of materials and devices used for energy conversion. The LMI-EFRC features a team that spans the campuses of Caltech, Berkeley, Illinois, Harvard, and Stanford, and creates a foundational partnership between scientific leaders in optical properties of matter with experts in solar photovoltaic and photochemical energy conversion and innovators in the design and fabrication of novel electronic and photonic materials.


lmi teamLMI Members: Register for the Spring Meeting

Online registration is now available for the LMI Spring Team Meeting in San Francisco on April 6, 2015. Pleae register by March 13. 02.18.15

lmi teamNew LMI Director Ralph Nuzzo: The LMI-EFRC is excited to announce our new Director, Prof. Ralph Nuzzo. Dr. Nuzzo is the G.L. Clark Professor of Chemistry at UIUC and a Visisting Associate at Caltech, and has been an active researcher in the LMI-EFRC since its inception in 2009. 2.18.15

lmi teamHarry Atwater elected into the National Academy of Engineering: Congratulations to LMI Associate Director Dr. Harry Atwater on his election into the NAE, recognition for his contributions to plasmonics. This honor is considered one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. [read more] 02.10.15