lmi teamZhang Group Publishes in Nature Materials Prof. Xiang Zhang's group recently published "Valley Photonic Crystals for control of spin and topology" in Nature Materials. [more] 12.15.16

lmi team2016 LMI Annual Meeting The LMI team met at Caltech for another successful meeting full of great presentations, discussion, posters, and brainstorming. The 2016 LMI Annual Meeting occurred on August 25-26, 2016. 8.30.16

lmi teamNovel 3D metallic architectures Jennifer Lewis' lab has demonstrated the ability to pattern freestanding 3D metallic architectures, opening the door for advancements in wearable electronics, biomedical devices, and much more. [more] 05.16.16

lmi teamLight Management in LSCs: A continuing collaboration between the Nuzzo and Alivisatos groups has demonstrated
enhanced photon collection in luminescent solar concentrators, recently published in ACS photonics. [more] 02.05.16

lmi teamEnergy Performance on the Surface: LMI graduate researcher Nate Thomas publishes article in the January issue of the EFRC Newsletter Frontiers in Energy [more] 01.11.16

lmi teamAlivisatos Awarded National Medal of Science

The LMI is proud to announce that Dr. Paul Alivisatos (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) is one of nine recipients of the nation's highest honor in science [more] 12.22.15

lmi teamLMI Annual Meeting

The team met at Caltech for a successful meeting full of exciting presentations, discussion, posters, and brainstorming. 09.04.15

New Approaches to Full Spectrum Solar Energy Conversion
We are excited to offer a free public webinar featuring presentations and an interactive panel discussion with LMI-EFRC experts! [more details] [sign up] 07.22.15

lmi teamLMI Members: Register for the Annual Meeting

Online registration is now available for the LMI Fall Annual Team Meeting at Caltech on September 3-4. Please register by August 19. 07.21.15

lmi teamA Breath of Fresh Air for Solar Energy: Eli Yablonovitch's recent publication showing that air gaps incorporated into multijunction solar cell architectures can boost efficiency is highlighted in the current issue of the EFRC Newsletter. [read more] 03.10.15

lmi teamLMI Members: Register for the Spring Meeting

Online registration is now available for the LMI Spring Team Meeting in San Francisco on April 6, 2015. Pleae register by March 13. 02.18.15

lmi teamNew LMI Director Ralph Nuzzo: The LMI-EFRC is excited to announce our new Director, Prof. Ralph Nuzzo. Dr. Nuzzo is the G.L. Clark Professor of Chemistry at UIUC and a Visisting Associate at Caltech, and has been an active researcher in the LMI-EFRC since its inception in 2009. 2.18.15

lmi teamHarry Atwater elected into the National Academy of Engineering: Congratulations to LMI Associate Director Dr. Harry Atwater on his election into the NAE, recognition for his contributions to plasmonics. This honor is considered one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. [read more] 02.10.15

lmi teamLMI Director Harry Atwater is highlighted in Laser Focus World discussing the role of photonics in energy and sustainability efforts at Caltech, as well as in the current issue of the EFRC Newsletter "On Directing: A Conversation with EFRC Directors." read more: [Laser Focus World] [EFRC Newsletter] 11.11.14

nripan mathewsUpcoming Seminar: Professor Nripan Mathews from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore will discuss "Perovskite Solar Cells: Towards New Materials and New Applications" on Monday, November 3, 2014, 101 Guggenheim Lab. [abstract] 10.29.14

lmi teamLMI Kickoff Meeting Success: We hosted our LMI-EFRC Kickoff Meeting on September 23-24 at Caltech. It was en exciting two days filled with presentations, poster sessions, and RG breakouts. [photos] 09.29.14

lmi teamLMI Kickoff Meeting: We will be having our LMI-EFRC Kickoff Meeting on September 23-24. Looking forward to welcoming all of you at Caltech! 09.11.14

microscale 3d printingAtwater Awarded Springer Prize: LMI Director Harry Atwater and collaborator Albert Polman of the FOM Institute AMOLF have been awarded the Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics for their pioneering achievements in plasmonics and nanophotonics. Congratulations! [read more] 08.19.14

microscale 3d printingRenewed Support for the LMI-EFRC: The US Department of Energy has just awarded $100 million of funding for innovative energy research, and we are excited to announce that the LMI-EFRC is one of 32 EFRCs funded for 2014-2018! Read more: [DOE] [Caltech] 06.18.14

microscale 3d printingCongratulations to LMI Graduates! Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Beardslee, Dr. Chris Corcoran, and Dr. Emily Kosten as they graduate with their PhDs, and best wishes to LMI postdocs Prof. Vivian Ferry, Prof. Bryce Sadtler, and Prof. Matt Sheldon as they begin faculty positions! 06.10.14

microscale 3d printingPrinting 4-Junction Solar Cells for High Efficiency Modules: John Rogers and Ralph Nuzzo's exciting result on printing-based assembly of quadruple junction, four-terminal solar cells with measured efficiencies of 43.9% at concentrations exceeding 1000 suns, and modules with efficiencies of 36.5% is published today in Nature Materials! [nanowerk] [] [reuters] 04.28.14

microscale 3d printingMicrosacle 3D Printing: Jennifer Lewis' Microscale 3D Printing was named one of the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2014 by MIT Technology Review. [read more] 04.25.14

emily kostenEmily Kosten wins MRS Gold Award: Congratulations to LMI graduate student Emily Kosten of Caltech on receiving the MRS Gold Award at the Spring MRS Meeting! 04.24.14

2014 team meetingLMI Spring Meeting: The Spring LMI Team Meeting was held on April 21 in San Francisco, and included presentations by the LMI team and special guest Mark Brongersma of Stanford, as well as a lively poster session [read more]. 4.22.14

phototropic growthNew Nanopatterning Technique Driven by Light: Caltech postdoc Bryce Sadtler's recent PNAS paper on phototropic growth of Se-Te alloys is highlighted in the January 2014 Frontiers in Energy Research EFRC Newsletter in an article written by LMI's Dennis Callahan [read more] 02.03.14

the body electricThe Body Electric: LMI Professor John Rogers is profiled in The New Yorker for his work on integrated silicon circuits that can stretch, flex, and even dissolve under the skin. [read more] 11.22.13

photonic crystalNew Heat-Resistant Materials Could Vastly Improve Solar Cell Efficiency: Paul Braun and collaborators have demonstrated record performance for a photonic crystal thermal emitter intended for use in thermophotovoltaics. Read the paper published in Nature Communications and see more in the news! [ScienceDaily] [cleantechnica] [materials360] [IEEE Spectrum] 10.28.13

science in 1000 wordsControlling Light to Make the Most Energy from the Sun: In the spirit of xkcd's "Up Goer Five" DOE challenged the EFRC Centers to describe the impact of their science using only the 1000 most common words in the English language, plus the word "energy." See what we all came up with and vote for your favorite entry! [read more] 07.08.13

printing tiny batteries'Printing' Tiny Batteries: Jennifer Lewis' recent paper demonstrating sophisticated 3D printing techniques to make batteries the size of a grain of sand is highlighted as a Story of Discovery and Innovation on the DOE Office of Science home page, as well as in Nature News, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Forbes, Discovery News, USA Today, Engadget, Nano Werk, and ScienceDaily. [read more] 06.24.13

bryce sadtlerCongratulations to Bryce Sadtler for his selection as a Postdoctoral Researcher finalist in the EFRC Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Competition at the 2013 EFRC PI Meeting, to be held July 18-19 in Washington, D.C.! 06.24.13

atwaterLMI Director Harry Atwater presented the Area 3 plenary lecture on spectrum-splitting photovoltaics at the 39th IEEE PVSC conference in Tampa, FL. [read more] 06.19.13

PVSC 39Congratulations to Vidya Ganapati for her selection as a "Best Student Presentation Award Finalist" and to Matt Escarra and Dennis Callahan on their nominations for "Best Poster" in Area 1 at the 39th IEEE PVSC conference in Tampa, FL! 06.19.13

watch nowVideos of the presentations and panel discussion from the Approaches to Ultrahigh Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion webinar are now available for online viewing. [watch now] 03.26.13

atwater webinarOur inaugural LMI-EFRC Webinar on Approaches to Ultrahigh Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion was highly successful! Thank you to everyone who participated, both here at Caltech and online. [read more] 03.08.13

Approaches to Ultrahigh Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion
We are excited to offer this free public webinar featuring presentations and an interactive panel discussion with LMI-EFRC photovoltaic experts!

[more details] [sign up] ] 01.29.13


Upcoming Seminar: Ted Sargent, from University of Toronto, will discuss "Optoelectronic Devices Based on Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids"

Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm, 101 Guggenheim Lab

[abstract] 01.08.13


LMI featured in ENGenious: The current issue of ENGenious, the annual publication of the EAS Division at Caltech, features the LMI-EFRC as one of its snap shots!

[see pg. 5] 11.05.12


Thin Solar Cell Theory in the News: The Zhang group's recent paper in PRL "Near-Field Electromagnetic Theory for Thin Solar Cells" is highlighted at and as an APS synopsis. 10.18.12


New Results: Check out our recent publications and research highlights for examples of the exciting work coming out of the LMI-EFRC. 08.30.12


Redefining the Limits of Photovoltaic Efficiency: The LMI EFRC organized a successful workshop on Sunday, July 29. Invited speakers included Harry Atwater (Caltech), Ivan Celanovic (MIT), Geoffrey Kinsey (Fraunhofer CSE), Sarah Kurtz (NREL), Minh Le (DOE), Michelle Povinelli (USC), Wladek Walukiewicz (LBNL), and Roland Winston (UC Merced). [read more] 07.31.12

2012 workshop


July 29, 2012

See Workshop Details


LMI Director Harry Atwater and LMI Collaborator Albert Polman receive the Eni Award in Renewable and Nonconventional Energy: In the Salone delle Feste del Quirinale, the prize giving ceremony for the Eni Awards 2012 took place in the presence of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, the Chairman of Eni Giuseppe Recchi and the CEO of Eni Paolo Scaroni. [watch video] [read more] 06.27.12

Obama pv cells

New architectures for solar energy conversion: LMI research on 3D structures for photovoltaics is highlighted in blog entitled "Obama and Chu pin hopes on Team USA’s solar innovation." [read more] 06.06.12


Upcoming Workshop - Redefining the Limits of Photovoltaic Efficiency: The LMI Energy Frontier Research Center, along with the Resnick Sustainability Institute, is organizing a one-day workshop focused on new materials and processes for overcoming the Shockley-Queisser limit of solar energy conversion efficiency. Registration details coming soon!
[download flyer] 05.23.12


ENI Award: Harry A. Atwater, Jr., Howard Hughes Professor and Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science, has been awarded the ENI Award in Renewable and Nonconventional Energy. [Read more] 05.17.12


Luminescent LED-type solar cell design breaks efficiency records: Professor Eli Yablonovitch's breakthrough result that enabled Alta Device's record solar cell efficiency is highlighted at,, and [Read more] 05.02.12


Team Meeting April 9, 2012: The LMI-EFRC Group gathered in San Francisco for a team meeting that included presentations by students, LMI PI/Caltech Professor Oskar Painter, and an invited talk by Professor Yi Cui of Stanford University and the Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium. [Read more] 04.18.12

imageFuture Directions of the LMI-EFRC Proposal Contest: Congratulations to winners Dennis Callahan (Caltech, Atwater Group), and Matt Lucas (LBL, Alivisatos Group) and Derek Le (UIUC, Nuzzo Group). [Read more] 04.18.12

Alta Devices: Finding a Solar Solution
Looking to enter a highly competitive solar market, Alta Devices hopes to use a combination of technological advances and manufacturing savvy to succeed where many others have crashed and burned. [Technology Review] 02.25.12

Photonic Design Principles for Ultrahigh-efficiency Photovoltaics
A commentary on ultrahigh efficiency solar cells by Harry Atwater and Albert Polman has just been published in Nature Materials [Nature Article] 02.21.12

Building Renovation
Jorgensen is taking shape! We are looking forward to the May 2012 completion of the Jorgensen renovation. [Read More] 02.20.12